Widget and background service

Widget and background service.
It is known that have a widget, then the program works in the background.

Will the widget work if you add xml resources and edit manifest. Test who?

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Widget in Kodular :innocent:

so your app working in background now?

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Can you show us a short tutorial how you made it? :heart: :blush:

there are different types of widgets. as widget-host

google search example Создание Widget - делаем виджет на Android устройство
we need to add something else MainActivity.java


Explain more please :sweat_smile:

You need an XML file… as I said we all needed.

@sergii I prefer video tutorials.

It would be nice to make a video tutorial… (Screen recording)

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Hello, nice to contact with you. If you did a widget for your kodular app, could you explain a little bit more, how you do this please? :grimacing: