Will I violate the Google Policy if my app contains a website that I don't own?

I’m use webview in my app , but it is not my own website it is an official website of Indian government.
is it against Google policy. When I use webview and putting ads my app

Putting Ads On Webview Screen Is Against GPP May Be Rejected

Before webview opened. I placed a Interstitial ad on my app is it ok - srrazmi

Ok, But If You Not Dragged Any Ads Under webview Screen

For Example If You Have Two Screen Named Screen1 Screen2 And You Have Put Webview In Screen2 So You Can Drag Add Show Any Types Of Ads In Screen2 But You Can Do It In Screen1

You Can Set It In Screen1 Like

When button click Show Interstitial Ad
when Ad Close Open Another Screen2

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Please Short Your Topic And Remove Tag Extension Bug I Want It’s Against Your Topic

You should ask the website owners if you are allowed to do that. You want to make money on the work of others.