Wishing users based on time

I am trying to make user page based on time and there it should wish the user based on time i am only able to wish them Good Morning and Good Evening is there a way to make it based on time, Please help me

You can use clock components to check the time & set the wish as per that time…

yes i tried it but not worked (means i don’t know exactly what to do)

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Show what you have tried…

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So whats the problm you got…

It is not showing anything it is showing there is an empty () value <5


This Blocks are working all right for me… You can try like this…

ok thanks i will try it once

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ya do it little fast …

tested with companion not worked

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for me in companion its worked successfully … wait i will send aia

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testtimer.aia (3.0 KB)

Try this . If not working then try it by exporting apk…

not worked with companion now exporting the apk

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update your companion …

it is uptodate exported apk is also not working

got it … Your system time is showing time in 1-12 only thats why aia is not working

ok so what should i do now?

just change both the 17 by 5 … & its start working…

no it’s not worked