YouTube comment ListView+Replies template

The youtube comment list view template will be post 1 to few days :wink:
I am writing the Schema.

Low resolution because i can’t upload the big files

Btw, I got these comments by this api


Nice, Great :astonished::v::heart_eyes:

Which database you are you using to store these data? Because it’s too much data stored for only single video or something.

By the way i loved your work :heart:

What is that ?

I got the comment from this site:

component_method (1)

You can see it in the dynamic extension first post.

If you need any help from Firebase I can help. I am quite familiar with it.

I think anyone can create a design, but it’s hard, and what really matters is the database, how to create it, and request data, etc.

That’s why learning is important