000webhost suspended due to large no. of queries

I am working on home automation projects, and my daily queries required 1000 per second,
Previously i use firebase realtime, where i got almost 10 GB data transfer on daily basis for 1000 connected devices,
So this option seems very costly for us.

Please help me to choose cheap and been option for my project.

Thanks in advance.

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Search on Google for cheap hosting there is available between 1$ to 3$

For development in your home network only

Just install a light weight mariadb (similar to MySQL)
Into your development computer
Caution** you can only use this MySQL in your home wifi

You can also use hostinger hosting

Or hobohost.com
For cheap hosting

Use infinity free hosting

Cheap Hosting will also suspend your site after some time so better to use VPS Hosting

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You can use a free trial for AWS? For MySQL I believe there are a max of 100 connections. You can also use TinyWebDB instead in forms of objects so data is compact and more easily retrieved.

I Recommend you to buy Rabhost Cheaper and fast.

Note: I’m also using this and it’s not my affiliate link

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After certain hits they disabled your website for 24 hrs

Problem started here, every second in iot project 1000 queries required from SQL database server.

For that i am finding solutions.