2019, what a year…

As 2019 draws to a close, let’s recap the highlights of the year, say our thank yous, and look forward to what the new year brings.


Can’t wait
Waiting for 3 January 2020.

I take back what I said, it seems that they normally release updates on the weekend anyway :man_shrugging:. No that’s not right, it’s a Friday :thinking:

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How about January 31

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Read. The. Post.

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Why do you still argue about that? Is very clear in the post :joy:


Well,we had nothing else :joy:

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I can’t wait till 3rd January because of i can’t buid my apk server eror & eror from 2 days.i think That’s eror for upcoming update.

& am very excited about this update.thanks to kodular team to give us this learning,building & earning platform

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haha, as @Boban said , we had nothing else to do, (just watching users posting about server down & unable to compile) :joy:


Nah nah nah, I didn’t notice it in the post until I looked closer, because I currently don’t have my glasses :man_shrugging:

I haven’t entered the creator for a year :joy:

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That’s because u used unsupported extension or other reason also can be try searching

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Your think is wrong,i used supported extention

Better luck next time …
On community there are many issues and solution regarding this…
Kodular has not any issues like that it’s your thinking issue …
Try searching what i said before