5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide

hi i have 1 question m in prolm in how can i remove all id in a click can anyone help means i make a (MULTI USER DATABASE) to detect how many people down join with the user so i have to remove old list to show new otherwise its work but its also shwn the old data

yes…just make a UI and just use the anycompoent methord to add btn,checbox,image,texbox, evrything…

Yep,here is your solution.

thank you @themaayur


Yep, you can. In


Thanks to all for help me! I’ve finished my app thanks to you :smiley:

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Glad that my guide helped you :cowboy_hat_face:


in my project i am using dynamic Components extension
and iam using 3 dynamic buttons in one arrangement
And this progress will run for earch nimber from 1to 5
and then i have 3 × 5 = 15 buttons
AND then any user click any button then how can i know which button was clicked.

please help me…


Use the Any button click event from that you can get the component name which is clicked.

but i have 3 buttons in each component

Each button is a component :sweat_smile:
You can make special character in those component’s id when creating.

i have 3 buttons in each cardview
1.like 2.download 3.share

then how can i know which button was clicked
and from which cardview

can you please help me about this

I have 23 data in my airtable when I try to load data it shows only 10 data in my listview and showing error id already used. I check all my block but I can’t found any mistake please help me to find out this error comes from

Well done. You have done a extensive work. This topic is so informative. Makes easy to understand.


@kweng I even can’t see your blocks. Check the IDs for every components, maybe by mistake you have used same Id ( word )

Thanks @Automate_My_Project I hope it helped you :cowboy_hat_face:


Yes @themaayur, I used it in my project. Thank you.


i dragged this image to the Workspace,
Added the mendatory variables.

Tested it and
Don’t faced any error.

So, i want to ask are the Spreadsheets called more than once.

if so then ID’s will get Repeated.
So, to fix that you can Delete every dynamic component before calling the for each number loop.


can anybody help me?
I cannot adjust (Horizontal Arrangement) to (Left) and (Vertical Arrangement) to (Center).

Where am I going wrong?

Everything looks fine about which arrangement are you talking ?