5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide

If I want to open a different video depending the card that the user click, how can I do it? (I use Airtable to store the data)

You will have to save video link in list and create Listview according.
When clicked on card view use its id ( no ) as index to get item from that list and show the Video.

Have you got any blocks? My actual blocks are here:


I will see it and post later :wink:


@themaayur Have you got it? :blush:

No, I am not having laptop otherwise I would have given blocks. But as I said do like this

Can a button be inserted in one of these listviews ? If yes please tell me how.
Thanks ( In Advance )

hi i have 1 question m in prolm in how can i remove all id in a click can anyone help means i make a (MULTI USER DATABASE) to detect how many people down join with the user so i have to remove old list to show new otherwise its work but its also shwn the old data

yes…just make a UI and just use the anycompoent methord to add btn,checbox,image,texbox, evrything…

Yep,here is your solution.

thank you @themaayur


Yep, you can. In


Thanks to all for help me! I’ve finished my app thanks to you :smiley:

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Glad that my guide helped you :cowboy_hat_face:


in my project i am using dynamic Components extension
and iam using 3 dynamic buttons in one arrangement
And this progress will run for earch nimber from 1to 5
and then i have 3 × 5 = 15 buttons
AND then any user click any button then how can i know which button was clicked.

please help me…


Use the Any button click event from that you can get the component name which is clicked.

but i have 3 buttons in each component

Each button is a component :sweat_smile:
You can make special character in those component’s id when creating.

i have 3 buttons in each cardview
1.like 2.download 3.share

then how can i know which button was clicked
and from which cardview

can you please help me about this