🎶 New Disney Songs APP

Disney Song APP

On this APP, you can listen to all Disney Songs on Spanish. It has done with Airtable, so it is a real time app. I hope you like the UI :blue_heart:


App Store/Download link:

Google Play has denied my app for copyright… But you can try it downloading the apk file :smiley:


CancionesDisney.apk (7,7 MB)
For AIA FILE contact me :wink:

Do you like the UI and the APP? :blush::blue_heart::point_down:t3: (1 - LOW//5 - BEST)

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With :heart:, by Javier :kodular:


Nice App.
Appreciation to your Hardwork.
:+1: :clap: :heart:

But the Black chin at the top and bottom of images is not looking good.

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Is there any reason for asking user to sign-in? I mean, I don’t know about others, but I may not sign in just to hear some songs.

Instead you can provide some kind of premium features that requires sign-in otherwise user may enjoy listening the songs without any sign-up/sign-in

Edit: Before doing this ensure that you do not use any copyrighted material or if you use, then you should have legit permissions.


Nice :+1:
Agreed with @Vaibhav :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you have license to add these songs in your app ?

I believe not, that’s why …

I don’t have the license, but I don’t host any song. All are YouTube videos that are approved by Disney by the Content ID