Durang Music Player - Play online offline songs and download

App name - Durang Music Player

Describe your app :- Music player with high Quality design and multiple category and artist

Extension i used

Thanks to every extension maker which is mention in above Image


Demo apk :- Download here

Aia file :- PM ME


Nice UI :+1:t2:
But I wants to know that, you have used any api to show songs in your app or use Airtable Database to show songs in your app. Do you have license to use these songs in your app if no then your app may rejected when you publish your app on Google Playstore.

Thankyou so much , i have used airtable and this app is for my client i have only these songs for the demo

Very good @Badsha . Add more features to your app.

A small suggestion, If you want to share this app on a public domain, be cautious to avoid copyright issues.

All the best for the further development.

I checked again this app everything right can u send screen record of this error

App has too much bugs like you called everything in screen initializing than it creates a too much time to load all things even sidebar didn’t open when screen initializing.

  1. You didn’t give a feature to seek the position of song , song didn’t change when i change position of progress bar.

  2. Why you give Download feature in phone songs it caused a bug.

  3. App is not responsive at all .

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I don’t have idea about seek baar to change position because that was running with timer but i will try to fix and i forgot that remove download option from my my music it will be soon fixed …
It was taking time to load because airtable database is slow with dynamic component …


i fixed some issues please check once again

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