A Marketing Suggestion

Kodular has so much potential and doesn’t seem like it would be difficult to learn, but I’m finding it hard to locate tutorials in English.

My suggestion:

I am looking for fast pace tutorials, with walkthroughs for building a variety of Gaming apps. Example: Flappy Birds & Match 3/Candy Crush & a Platform game. Those 3 games are very popular and will give people a good solid understanding of how the program works and a lot of practice.

After those 3 tutorials anyone should be able to build anything and it would go a long way in promoting the Kodular program as a whole. If people know they can learn those 3 basic games straight way, they would be much more likely to use Kodular over every other block builder.

Tutorials like this: https://youtu.be/sWzjZClL2Qg are entertaining, fast pace and can be paused so people can catch up if need be. (But maybe broken down into a few different segments)

I see real potential for programs like Kodular, especially for people who work with those with disabilities.
Example: A speech therapist in a school system doesn’t have the time to learn to code and doesn’t have a budget to hire someone to build child specific games. With programs like Kodular a speech therapist, a teacher, or a parent (like me) can build a game that the speech therapist needs, in a matter of days.

Programs like Kodular are going to become essential to those who need an inexpensive resources to create much needed specific apps. Tutorials that give instruction on building the most popular apps will get more people on board.

Right now I can only find these kind of tutorials in Hindi. Though I can follow along with screenshots and subtitles, many people can’t.

Please make tutorials for those 3 games in English. You can upload them to Udemy and sell them! It’s a great way for Kodular to make some extra cash and promote Kodular.

Thank you for your time.


I agree that the tutorials are a little light for Kodular. Thunkable have some reasonable tutorials, and the principals can be understood, and applied here at Kodular.

I also agree that while there are many great Hindi tutorials for Kodular, created by skilled, and fantastic contributors, the English volume is light.

The accessibility part of your comment is very interesting, and I agree 100%. The slight problem is that programming, even in Kodular, MIT, Thunkable, Appy Builder, requires the same logical thought process as word coding. If Then, Else, Variables, Event Handlers, Conditions…and then timers, debugging… etc etc.

So the key in any tutorial is to understand the target audience. If the objective is a real newby target you need solidify the logic process of programming in said learning, which is a multi stage approach for sure.

Showing a complex app being built works for some people (you, myself, etc), however if the target is wrong, it is inaccessible. I agree, it needs to be done at a small micro-incremental level for that target.

Probably the same 3 apps you describe in 3 different tutorials with appropriate levels of detail, length and explanation might do the trick.

Interesting, and pointed post. Consider me a supporter.


Just keep in mind that Kodular (and every other builder) is not a game engine. They are here to help you create apps, not games. You are still able to make some games but not as “professional” as you would in an environment specifically created for game development.


Isn’t the goal to become a game creator also?