AAB Build failed

I have a financial app that was initially developed on the Kodular platform. Unfortunately, my Payment Gateway provider disabled the UPI Intent feature, which forced me to use their Checkout page within a WebView, essentially using a Chrome tab. However, when I attempted to update the app on the Play Store, I encountered difficulties due to the required API level. In response, I decided to edit the API level using an APK editor and then convert it to an AAB file with a signed key. I subsequently submitted this modified version to the Play Store.

Currently, the app is live on the Play Store, but some users have reported receiving error messages indicating that it’s a risky application. Although Kodular have updated the API level, I’m still facing challenges in building the AAB file. As a financial app, my user base is experiencing a decline, as many are uninstalling the app due to these risk alerts. My app, which handles daily sales of over 30 lakhs, is now facing a critical situation, with a steady decline in revenue. If possible please fix it ASAP


Will be fixed in an update this week

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Switch to Android Studio right now.


means complete rewriting of the app :roll_eyes:

Yes, it is worth if your app is handling sales of 30 lakhs per day.

Yes, but this also applies if you want to migrate an app from Kodular to AI2 or Niotron. And at some point you no longer have a choice.

Yes but still i need some time to rebuild from Android studio.