About 5MB asset limit in Kodular Premium

A very long time has passed since bugs and errors were fixed.


The truth is, we are still working at Kodular for free, without taking a single dollar for ourselves, even though we have spent thousands of hours writing millions of lines of code (yes, millions). And it has been like that for years, and we don’t think that is going to change in the near future.
We have said it from the beginning, this is not our main job, and we still don’t live from this.

You are free to check to confirm it whenever you want. Tax reports from a company in the US can be requested by anyone in the world, which will reflect this.
Feel free to check it by yourself if you don’t belive it.


Oh, ok. I was hoping for something a bit juicier, something like Koduleaks.

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If anyone wants tax information ($20 USD), visit Division of Corporations - Filing. Required entries follow.

Entity name: Junnovate, LLC
File number: 7522873

But the fact of the matter is that Kodular generates revenue, right?
So whoever may ultimately be the beneficiary.

But that would never be something I would complain about. Everyone should earn good money for GOOD work. However, the emphasis is on GOOD work.

Btw, as I already told you via PM, I wanted to delete one of my topics and get
“you don’t have permission to delete this topic”

According to my pretty well-founded legal understanding, this is illegal interference with my copyright. I would like to get immediate access to my topics and extensions.


that happens in everyone…

It may be, but that doesn’t change the fact that my copyright is being infringed upon.

I alone have the exclusive rights of disposal over my (intellectual) property.


The ultimate beneficiary is paying servers for over 10,000 daily active developers. All income generated is deposited back to keep everything running.


I think we should consolidate all of the previous conversation into its own topic so everyone can continue there, everything here is beginning to go off-topic.


Unfortunately, kodular will catch up with thunkable

I think this discussion became pointless since nothing will change no matter what anyone says, and is even starting to create personal grudge between some people, so I am leaving this discussion since that is not why I came here.
Anyway, there is just one last thing about this matter I would like to mention.

I think you are misunderstanding one thing here. I think nobody would mind if you were making money with Kodular. Actually, I am sure most of the people would like to see all the staff getting rich thanks to their work in Kodular At least I would be very happy to know that, and I would be happy to see that I helped with this growing a few communities of koders in my country.

The big problem here was the way Kodular decided to implement the premium plan. No time to adapt, and specially the fact that instead of bring new features exclusive for premium users, the staff decided to block features that were always available for everyone and that are absolutely necessary for many users (even those that don’t make money with their ads or that make apps just for fun).

If you launched a premium plan in April (when apparently you planned this, and didn’t reveal to the public) or last year allowing me to use extensions to monetize I would have been thanking Kodular forever. But you just blocked Admob, forcing everyone to use ad manager (what made the revenue of many fall like a rock in the sea).

Before april update many people were already not happy with some bugs, old SDKs and others things. Then you blocked admob and forced migration to ad manager even with the system not working as it should, not only the approval system, even the reports go crazy sometimes. That is what made so many people lose their patience. And to make things worse, the staff promised that June update would correct somethings, and if the deadline was to change, the staff would notify us. After this, not a word from the staff, and the update didn’t cover everything we expected and still brought some problems with file component (which, if I am not wrong, weren’t fully corrected until now).

You see, what I am trying to say is “nobody is mad because kodular will make some extra money, people are angry because we feel like we are not getting what is being promised, we feel like the staff is not working to make things better and is creating new problems”.

And one more thing, what is possibly the worst at my opinion and in the opinion of many members of the community and others that are not active here: In most of the times, the staff didn’t even give a sign if they are alive or not. Something as simple as the Bug Tracker is an immense relieve. It shows us that, no matter what are the internal problems, the staff is aware and will solve it soon or later.

Except for the last days, when can anyone say that saw anyone from the staff giving feedback? I know the staff can’t spend hours in the forum answering everyone, this would be stupid, actually, better spend time solving problems and creating new solutions. But moderators or senior members could have direct access to somethings and come here sometimes and say that the staff is aware about xx problem and working to correct at least. I saw great ideas here more than once (some were even suggested by mods) and I don’t even know if the staff is aware about this, if they will be implemented soon, if some of them can’t be done because of some reason nobody imagines. This is very frustrating and it is very important to avoid this.

The thing that made me fall in love for Kodular was that I made a lot of suggestions of improvements, and almost all of them were answered. Some were accepted and implemented, others weren’t and I got an explanation of why. <== This until 2020. Since somepoint in 2021 it started to change, and in 2022 didn’t go any better. I really hope this becomes the point where things started to be as they were. I hope in a a few months I look back and think “wow, things are really better now, I had no reason to be so mad about those changes” but it is something that I will have to see with my own eyes to believe.


Adding to this, community needed few reply/answers but for few months staffs were not replying in community.

I have seen 100s of post for ads approval but nothing happened about it.

Recently Kodular added option to see commission split from various versions and it didn’t work from Day 1. Even after 2 months it is in same condition.

Same goes for Ecpm floor options, you guys promised to launch it but it took almost 8-9 months for it to come in existence.

Now, suddenly staff come online and want to implement premium membership.
According to me, a lot of users are frustrated / angry about lot of things.

Koded with :heart:

And maybe the Kodular team should think about why some very well-known moderators (AI2 & Kodular veterans, like Peter or Italo) and other excellent ProKoders have retired. I know the reasons from some and they are very similar to the ones I have and read about here.


I don’t want to and will not present my intellectual property on a platform whose

  • employees behave in a disgraceful manner,
  • do not accept criticism from a mod and
  • undermine my freedom of speech.

Therefore, I will remove my posts and extensions on Kodular - at my own discretion and in due course!

This may be annoying for some (many) users, but then they should ask who you have to thank!

Diego told my via PM that is not possible to delete them (I could only be anonymized).
Wanna bet it is possible and it has to happen? I deny Kodular the right to use / publish my posts, topics, guides, extensions!

If there are still problems with it (as at the moment), I will take legal action if necessary! Copyright infringement is a serious offense that cannot go unpunished.

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Nobody, and I repeat, nobody in this entire community has ever disrespected anyone, neither in public posts nor in private messages. And if it ever happened, everything was flagged and moderated (and you were a moderator in the past, so you should already know that).

We do, but not in the way you are doing it. As already said, other mods are not either happy with that, and we have already talked with them.
I’m not going to comment anymore on this topic.

Please, specifically say where we are not allowing you to freely speech. Are you banned? Have we removed posts which we don’t like?

For clarification, this is not what was stated in the conversation, so you may want to stop here any kind of defamation. You have received an official warning because of that.

Hmm, I’m checking, and it is because of this rule delete user max post age, which is set to 60 days (default by Discourse). But this applies to all users, even to mods and admins.
It does not allow to delete topics/posts which are not older than those days.

For this cases, to avoid breaking existing discussions (as, even though the original topic may be yours, other users also have subposts, and you cannot delete their posts), there is an option that is to “Anonymize” a post creator. This basically removes the name and everything related to your personal data, complying to GDPR.
But it is not possible to delete post contents because of that rule, because that would imply deleting all other content from other users in cascade.

If you wish to exercise your rights regarding GDPR, we can remove all your personal information, anonymizing all topics and posts.

You already did it before, saying that you, as moderators and ProKoders, were not aware of the Premium plan, when we already had a meeting with everyone months before, providing it on-demand as well.
This is the second time you do something like this.

And it is totally fine, you deny it. But you may want to also clarify that, as per Discourse Terms of Service (also applying to all other forums), when you publish something on any forum, you are granting permission to publish and use your content as per they rules (this depends on each Discourse forum though). Henceforth, you can either anonymize your posts, or delete your entire account (which also removes them), but there is no “I want to delete this specific published post”.

As a thank you for your work these past months, we are allowing you to delete as many things as you want, but we don’t have to, as you have agreed to the terms of Discourse.

I’m not going to comment any more on this, as you are being totally disrespectful. Feel free to delete your posts, but we will not tolerate any kind of false information or defamation, either towards me, other staff or user.


That is true,I follow same strategy

Although I agree with you with everything you said from the beginning until now, but I think that you have made one mistake, and we have in Egypt we call it, do not display your goods at the shop of others, or something similar, in the end this is your opinion and I respect it

I agree with you, I submitted a request to join the extension developer team and Taifun told me that they are not responding and that I have to be patient even though I have published more than 13 extensions unlike other platforms I have only published 5 extensions and they were added automatically, I think Kodeular should increase the number staff and supervisors; Because the number of people joining the community is constantly increasing
Happy kodular



Since I often take screenshots as well, here is the proof:

See e.g. above!

And this was my answer:

Is there any misleading statement there? I do not think so!

The only ones disrespectful here is the Kodular team!!! I’ve worked hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours for free for Kodular and its users, creating thousands of posts, many guides, extensions, etc. This work and achievement is trampled underfoot. That’s the truth.

Kodular has been doing a desolate, disastrous job lately.
And there the root of all problems

I see it as my duty (whether as a mod or as a normal user) to name this clearly and to point out these countless bugs and grievances.


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What is making everyone indignant is not the kodular wanting to make money, but not knowing how to make money with all that potential.