Access Login Validation

My access register has two checkboxes, one for my user and the other for the administrator. To write to firebase what was marked would be ckusuario >>> checked or ckusuario >>> text? Another thing when the user enters the login and password on the login screen would have to search for the information if he is a user or administrator through these values (checkbox) saved in the bank. How would it be?
Note: I didn’t find anything on the forum talking about it.

Please explain me this.

I just want to know how I save data from a checkbox to the Firebase database and how to get that data.

if checkbox is checked
then store any value like “1” to firebase by using firebase db store value block
Elase store value “2”


I did this to save in Firebase what was checked in the checkbox assigns the user values equal to 1 and agent equal to 2

Checkbox e Firebase

In the case of a type validation if the registered email is from the user or agent, I can put:
if textbox = 1 then do it
if not textbox = 2 does this
else do it
Is the built-in for this comparison by logic or math?



  • For mathematical components always the math equality block
  • For strings, components, variables always the logic block


So in your case, if I understsood well, you will use the logic block else it “cannot accept the string arguments”

In that case can I do so? Where 0 is the checkbox value.

blocks (1)

is the txt_email.Text always a number? If yes, you have to do it like you showed, if not, you can do it like this:

Should work.

Thank’s, I go try.

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I did so to save the checkbox in the database

For the access screen (login) I did so but it does not open the other screen and gives an error.
To call the screens and the error messages I used the clock

I will make the aia available for testing. The labels are in Portuguese.Vaccinum.aia (1.0 MB)

If anyone can help me I appreciate

Problem solved

Please share the solution. I uncheck it for now.

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