Add Review System Inside App Like Play Store

I have completed my app this is the only feature am having problem with. It is a Educational App and I have integrated some of my courses in it.

I want that when someone Clicks on a Course he can see all Reviews of the courses that other app users has posted.

It should display Name, Img And comment/review or the user, I have used Firebase Google SIgn In, but how to make the Comment/Review system ?

If somebody has done something like this before kindly provide me some block snaps or ais of the screen :thinking:
My app is in final stage please help me to complete it

You can use FirebaseDB to do this.

Each Course would be its own bucket. You can create a list within each Review tag that has URL of image, rating, and comments.

Do a few firebase tutorials to get how it works.

There are a number of Hindi tutorials on youtube about firebase and kodular or firebase and thunkable.


yaa, i know pretty much about firebase, i have seen those tutorials, i will try to make it with firebase, But am not sure how to start, can you guide me a little ? like should I store Names, Images from Google Sign in or should I use manual images uploading ?

Please if you have time guide me a bit, I will try to make :blush:

Start with the basics. A review system with just the name and comment. You can add image features and stuff later.

So the place to start is having people be able to make a comment/review about the course and it will show for others who try the course.

Try that with two people first on one course and then you will have the principals down. Then you can try to include a URL for their Google Image etc.

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thanks am going to try this tonight, If i face same problems, can I PM you ?

Just post it here so others can benefit and contribute. There is a lot of firebase info on the community so please make sure you search as well.


hey I have set blocks to store value in firebase, but I what should I use to show the Name and comments of the user, I mean, List View with Image ??

Up to you. Just experiment.


I have set these blocks, are they correct ?

No because you are not splitting the data up, with any seperator

Just experiment with it.

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i have done this but how to split these values that are called from firebase, the values for one user is called in one tag, do i have to use 3 different components ?

No, you can then create a list, or use the text functions to split the text at -

can you explain a bit more :thinking: where to add list

  1. Get a way to get the data to firebase
  2. Get a way to get the data back from firebase
  3. Parse or manipulate the data once you receive it.
  4. Display it.

That is the order. You need to experiment more. I cannot do the work for you.

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