Review System, like amazon

I need to make a system of punctuation and comments as they have the products in amazon. I need a user to be able to rate another with a rating bar and with a comment and then other users can see the rating of that user and the comments received.
Has anyone created a similar application?
Thanks a lot

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You need the RATE BAR component and use a database to record the return of that component. Try to read about FIREBASE.
In this topic , there is example .aia with RATE BAR

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thanks friend now I will see, if I understand that I have to use firebase but I can not understand well how to do the logic. now I will try, greetings!

It all depends on how your system will be. The user to give a score, must be registered? What will be scored or classified must be registered. Fact.
How will your app be?

Rate Bar return a number


yes the user has to be registered, and qualifies another user who publishes their services.
I have created a screen that has a dynamic cardview and there appear all the users who publish their services, each cardview has a rating bar.
What I want now is that users can comment and rate the services of other users, and that show in rating bar that is in the cardview appear the stars and the average of ratings with their respective comments. Very similar to a page like tripadvisor for example

You will have to register an evaluation with the code of the user being evaluated.
Rogerio evaluates Alejandro = 3,5 then record the date, the value of the evaluation and the code that identifies Alejandro.
This is a simple example

excellent idea, now I will put it into practice, if I have doubts or errors I will bother you again hahaha
thanks !!


In the app there are not limited review :joy:

What did you say ?

firebase is only for testing :sweat_smile:

The truth is I use it in many projects and it is great to be a “test”. Greetings.

What about bandwitdh :joy:

What do you use as a database?

Mysql Database