Convert rating bar note to stars

Can people convert the rating bar rating value into stars? For example, in a rating bar, three stars are filled, equivalent to a grade of 3, and then, in another rating bar, it appears filled. It is possible?

Easy step only. If user selected the rating starts just store the no of stars selected into a variable or tinydb or anything else(recoverable part) and then recall this number wherever you want…

Here I have shown you the instant reflection. Rating 2 is automatically selected based in Rating 1.
Store the rating in tinydb, and in screen inti just call set rating to call tinydb value

So once rating selected whenever he open it will pop up.

Thanks for the tip. I have one more question. I made this structure for each type of classification/service. One General classification, and three subclassifications: Quality/Finish/Cleanliness.
I saved the information in firebase. Let’s suppose that this person receives notes for each service rendered regarding the service but by several clients. I took a test by rating a person twice. What happened was that the result of the last one overlays the first review. Can you count the values ​​and get an overall average? Even if it comes to overlap?


Just use mathematics logic over here. That global variable and all is number. So just divide it by total number of categories.

Where do you wanna show the ovrall result ,same rating star or in another ?

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Remember when I asked you about an overall ranking?
So I did it like this only the values ​​are incorrect and I don’t know why.



Already answerd

I made it. I have four categories with grades from 1 to 5. Randomly if I have a value that is multiple of 4 (12/4 = 3), no problem. What happens is that if it is not, it does not give a decimal value. (11/4 = 2.75) and it does not generate this value.

Yes, for 0.75 or 0.25 no grading will be awarded… in such case you have to make it five categories to have the quotient value either 0.5 or 0. actually that is the method…

if not you have to add if the quotient containing 0.25 or 0.75 with 0.25.

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you can reduce your blocks in such a way… also even if you make it as round 0.50 then it will affect the preceding value too. so better just leave to go as it is…


I did as you said and the code became even leaner.
So that one evaluation doesn’t overlap the other I made this kind of storage in firebase where I have a tag with the name of Perfomace, the Name of the Appraiser and the Date of the Evaluation.
Using the web component the url would be



My question is what will I put in the bucket.
When my client is going to select a professional, I want to bring him the evaluations of this person according to the dates.

Example: when my client clicks on this professional (Amarildo) he only wanted to bring this data: Date of Evaluation and Average evaluated.

This is incomplete firebase structure you are showing to us… Ok, try this thing.

I strongly believe for this kind of work, it will be good to use dictionary method. Unless you use any firebase rule or authentication

Sorry. Follow the Firebase Database structure:

This is Amarildo’s record

I used the dictionary to assemble the list of registered (with your help)

When I select Amarildo from the list, only his name goes to the evaluation register and then follows the structure inside Firebase:

Suppose I choose Amarildo to provide services at my house, in addition to the registration data (this one doesn’t need it because I already have it) I want to show the three or four last assessments he had, like the average and description of the assessment. Show this data in a list I know.

My problem is in the Bucket and how to compare the Name that is in the Perfomace with Registration Data.

I believe already you have the list of names… so just show it in a list view, Suppose if the user clicks or selects the name from list, just use this structure as bucket

or use firebase get value (avaliacao/Profissioais/performace/lisetview selection)
or make it as web url like. and as usual use dictionary method or anything to get required value alone

GSR, so I made one that looks like this following your guidance (I don’t know if that’s right). I put it that way but it didn’t show up. The option I chose was the following. I have several providers that have the same specialty or multiple specialties. I have set up a tracking of these budgets using the budget text with random numbers. Thus, before sending the budget with his number, generate the PDF and attach it to the email using Taifunmail. However, I want this budget or quotes to be viewed in the app as well. So when opening this search field he will type his name and a list is opened with the budget number, the customer’s name. Clicking on this quote opens a screen with these data. I want to use the web component and the dictionary but I’m not sure how to do this to get this data. Using Firebase’s Get Value I did it according to the image but nothing appears. I know this post has nothing to do with the subject informed but practically the two things are the same since to check the provider’s ratings I have to select its name.

Block used to send / save the budget in firebase


Block to fetch quotes from the provider’s name

Data saved in Firebase

I did so as an experiment. But instead of typing the name, I would like to put the budget number



well, i am unable to understand what is called budget number here?
anyway design your url like this

and use dictionary method to take the desired datas like this,

e.g i designed to take Only Celular value of this person

So I can’t put the provider’s name in the URL as you say since I have 50 people providing services. I will do as in the example I gave. If I have more than one budget for it (AntoMnio) will I have to use the for each item? Can you give me an example, if it’s not inconvenient?
Oh, I remembered. I will use this same method for the topic reviews of this topic here. text box text)/.json

I have showed an example… by using above url and after entering the particular person name if user clicked button then you will get values if the text box text matches the name from your data base .

To use the above url you must use join block with three compartment

Hey did so. In the URL block I made a Join where the professional types the name. I don’t know how to do it when I have more than one request for it.

I did it this way here. In the URL I put a join with the bank’s url + name of the expert. The rest I used the dictionary to fetch the data and add to the list. This way I will use the same logic for the evaluations. If it works, I’ll close this post with the app’s blocks.