Convert rating bar note to stars

See your web URL doesn’t have slash symbol perfectly… after creating block click it do it and make sure your URL is correct just like what I suggested in the prev posts…

Well by using this you can take all the value under the text box value. I am still clear with your question… Do you want to take value from multiple person project bucket?

GSR, good night (here in Brazil). I did as you said and it worked for both budget research and evaluation. Would there be a way to put a rating bar inside a text and image listview?

it means, you want overlapping components?

if so, you can get it from here

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Next I decided not to use overlapping components. I made a logic here to get the average values ​​of each provider’s assessment. In my list view image and text I have the title of the review, the rating and the grade.
Here are the blocks:

Get the values ​​from the URL

In this block I just got the title name, valuation date and the average. I want to transform the grade according to ranking criteria: Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, Excellent. In this case, inside For Each I put conditions for each item’s value.
If the item obtained is greater than or equal to 4 and less than 8, the rating is Weak and so on. However I get the grades but the Rating is the same. Is there an error there? Can you help me?



Set global classification to create an empty list. Create another loop and move blocks marked with green in that loop
For each item in list global_lista_media if get item is …and … add item to list global classification Fraco else if is… add Regular … etc

In procedure replace global classification with select list item list global classification index get number

I think I’m doing something wrong.


This is another method of approach using dynamic component with over all rating based in their score

This one has its structure because I would very much like to use the rating bar in the listview

Guys, thank you very much for your help. I did it as directed by Dora and it worked. :grinning:

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