Function not working when emulating on companion

Guys, I had opened a post with a solution: Convert rating bar note to stars
I did the test emulating and installing the APK to show the quotes sent to the provider. Today I went to test both emulating and installing and it doesn’t show. With Companion doing a do it in global res, nothing appears.

url do bd:

I believe the correct address is

I changed in Firebase:

But as the previous post did exactly the way informed and it worked. Now I changed the url and when I type the budget number in the text field, the globals don’t load even though the data appears in the global res. I don’t know what the error is.
I’ll put the blocks here and please help me to check where the error is because I’ve already reviewed everything and nothing.


There’s a way to demonstrate this to me, like how to put this clock

What’s more I strange that yesterday he was carrying normally, the globals were filled. Today was like that.

This must be done for each for each?

No dear… see my previous post there i put a red circles. In the place of where did you add the procedure , just replace it with clock timer enabled to true and in the clock timer block drag this procedure just like shown in the above post


Still the same, don’t load

I redid the entire bank, from the budget request. On the search screen I erased everything and put only the essentials without the clock. It worked! Thanks a lot for the help. Now how can you take a look at this post here? Show url with pdf stored in Firebase in app, I’m having trouble showing the PDF on the app screen, it doesn’t show up.