Add Rewarded video: I can't set, it don't shows

I’m trying to put my first rewarded video and I can’t get it to show up, so I’m asking for your help.

I want the Notifier to appear after clicking on Button and when selecting YES, to open a “secret” screen (Cat5), if you select NO for the notifier to close (or return to Screen1, where the user finds the button). .

I have configured it with the following blocks and the ad never shows:

What change should I make?

I have searched the forum and I have managed to build the blocks thanks to the searches but I can not solve the problem.

Thank you very much to anyone who can help me, greetings!

If you would have searched the community, you should have found the solution.
:point_up_2: This is really unexpected!

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In fact, this is a clear violation of admob rule to reserve ads. :point_down:

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Hello, thank you for taking your time to respond.
I honestly searched the forum, not for hours, but could not find the method and asked, sorry if I bother as it is not my intention. I was working on kodular for a while before I put the question to see if I could solve it but I couldn’t.
It is the first rewarded ad that I implement and the language is difficult for me in the forum.
Thanks for the notice of google policies, I will change it.

Well, if someone dares to answer, I am delighted, before I remember accessing the forum and people responded with kindness, now you must search among 200 topics before you can put a question. I will keep looking to try to find the answer, thank you all.

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