Admob Ads Not Showing In My App

Hello, Kodular My application is on Google Play Store and that is the download of the application 20k. This app is very content but still not showing Google Admob Ads . Please Help :pray:

Use the When ad failed to load block and see what error it shows.

Hi , Can You Send me Blocks

If this is the app you made it is an earning app.


This is not earning app

Hi , I tried to but ads are not showing in my app . Please Help

With that number of ads Google will think so.


All apps that have been develop in the Android studio have been visible but the applications I have created from Kodular are not showing Google admob ad . Please help

Could you please send us the error?
You can’t expect us to help you without giving us any info :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s called “No fill error”

Kindly provide your play store link so that we can also test it