ADMOB Automatic Consent Message Not Showing Up

i have a problem about the Consent Message. Although i set the consent development mode to true for an admob banner, i see no consent message in the emulator and in .apk when screen initialize. The test add is visible, there are no problems. I also created another test app, but it still does not work. I dont know what to do. Many Thanks.

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Sorry i dont know what i have made wrong… I have made screenshots from test app, maybe you mean that? I also have searched for similar topics but i dont find the right answer. This Screens are only from a test app. My “bigger” app is almost ready. More than 12 000 lines code. I made a test app, to test the consent there, but there i also dont get the consent message. (I write this, because i got a info, that i dont should ask to fast about admob with no experience in app creation)


Not a good idea to put this in Screen.Initialize. Put it in a clock or call it as a function/procedure.

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Thank you for your Tip. I will try it.

Update: Mhh it still does not work. i used a clock 5 seconds. when times is up the ad loads, but i get no consent message :pensive:

test app screenshot

Do not use clock for loading Admob Ads but you can call it via the help of web component like this :-

Not a good idea to put these blocks in Screen.Initialize. Put them in a proceedure or a clock.


I have tried it with the web component, builed it exactly like you, but i still dont get the consent dialog… :sweat:. Maybe it is a problem with my phone? Does the Consent works on your Phones? The Testbanner loads perfect, but no consent.:weary:
Many thanks.

What consent dialogue are you looking for?

Consent for ads? If you are using the Live companion you wont get device permission questions, because you already approved them with the Live App. You need to download the APK version of your app.

I mean the consent message for EU Users. it does not show when the app started. I dont get the message neither in the apk nor in the emulator…

Are you talking about the privacy policy message?

It is my understanding you have to configure that yourself

Yes i mean the privacy policy message.
My understanding was, when i set the developement mode to true in the designer, i get the privacy policy message always, also when i am located in Europe. I am from Europe germany.

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Check here for Google Guidelines.

to create a privacy policy is no problem. i can integrate it for example in a listpicker or so. I need the kodular integrated consent message for eu users when i integrate admob. I see the message in the designer in the admob component. Default title message: Title : Data protection
message: Can we continue to use your data to tailor ads for you?

and when Consent Development Mode is on. it always shoult be visible

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Ahh you are talking about Admob component. Well that would have made things easier had you mentioned that in the beginning.

I dont use admob, so I don’t know if it comes with an automatic consent message based on geolocation.

I will ask this topic get closed. Please start a new one with that says. ADMOB Automatic Consent Message Not Showing Up.

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Ok no problem. thank you :slight_smile:
Maybe it is a bug? Or maybe it is my phone, i dont know…but i also tested it in the android studio emulator , but i also dont get the message there.
Otherwise i like Kodular, until this all works fine for me. i come back later, i still have to clean my flat a little :relaxed:

update: For now i have changed the topic name. when the topic get closed, i can open a new topic, is that okay?