Admob banner not loading

The AdMob banner in test mode loads the test ad but after using the actual unit id, it shows white space. I checked my AdMob account and it shows zero requests and zero impressions. I am loading the banner when Web_Viewer_1 (webpage) page loaded because the banner ad does not load on the screen initialization. Interestingly my other app shows banner ad without any issue with the same code blocks.

Please if anyone has the same problem or solution then share with me.


Is your app published on play store?
Is your app approved for serving ads? [check it on kodular account]

The ad should be enabled before you try to load a ad…
Else how should it work?

You want to drive with a car… but the problem is with which car when you dont have any car?

Thanks to replay. Yes, the app is on the play store and admob panel shows " Not Requested" status in my account for all apps. I don’t know what does it mean.

As @Mika said
Put the enabled block before you load ad…

I’ll try it, thank you