Admob Not Showing with Custom Package Name

Hi all,

I have made a few apps and changed the package name to something that makes sense to me on the Screen1 page.
Now I am getting requests from Admob but not showing them on the app. Do I have to remove the apps from the app store and reupload while leaving the package name blank to get them to work?

if you change something after you publish the app you have to publish the app again. How should the ol version know what you did.

I think you misunderstood me.
This is the first released app. No changes to the app have been made after this release but the app won’t display ads.

The problem started after you changed the package?

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No. This is a brand new app I’ve made. First time I published it I have set the package name. No updates or changes to the package name.

I didn’t leave the package name blank. I set it to what I wanted.

make a after load show the admob ads

Yes there is the option for that on the admob interstitial ad which I do have. But the admob banner is not showing.
There is only an option to load the ad, and make it visible = true. All of this has been done.

make like this and export the app and after check

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Hi Nikhil, I do have it set up the same way as this and it doesn’t seem to work. I’ll keep looking into it

Export your app and check

admob problam solved

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