AdMob Rewarded Video Problem

While using test ad unit the Rewarded Video was playing fine. But when i used my Ad unit then the video is not showing. The Ad unit is 3 months old. Is this problem occuring with everyone or only me? No AdMob account suspended and no earning app i had created till date.
Interestial Ads are working fine!

  1. Check your ad unit properly and blocks also.
    2.Make sure you do not turn on test mode.
    3.Do not use any package name in screen 1.
    4Final thing is wait 48 hour after creating your ad unite.Thanks.

Thank You @E4_Earn I checked all points and yes my ad unit is 3 months old and is working fine with other builder.

yeah after updating new version of makeroid 1.0.2 there are lots of bugs buiders facing Ads problem one of them specially facebook ads

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Can you please test Admob Rewarded Video Ad and tell me is it working fine or not.

Reward ads not working for me also but interstitial working but not fluently something​:pensive:.I can’t publish my app for this reason.

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Thank you for taking out time and checking. Then this is a bug.:frowning_face:

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yes.This is one of the part of bugs

test rewarded video ad is working fine.

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Yes, test ad unit is working fine but the real ad unit is not working!

ya its true

I have the same problem. Instertital Ad‘s are working but the AdMob Rewarded Video ad is not working. Only the test mode is working fine.

for me working fine.

Hello @aziz_s does the AdMob Rewarded Video ads are showing in your app. Can you please share your blocks.
Are they test ad unit or your real ad unit?

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Same problem, when I test my apps through live test option with my won original Video Add code then its working but when I create apk file and install it on my phone, then its not working, even i have wait 48 to 72 hours but its not working, how to solve it ?

if you use custom package name video reward ads will not show, i just created my new app and added reward app and its working.

Thank you for information @Nik but I haven’t used custom package name, then also problem is arising.