Advanced Chat App

LDA Chat App

This is a beta version for user to try the app. The app is free.

In the chat app:

Profile image available.
For now, all message are deleted at the same time (still working to delete single message).
Friends will be able to read message when they come back online if the app was close or signed out.
Side menu available.


Timestamp available in both messages and chat interface.

The one in blue are added only one time for each new day.

Voices supported

Long click handler.

Option to save, copy, read message, and translate (en-es, es-en, en-fr, fr-en) single message.

New update alert

In the chat view you can swipe for more info about your friends and also find your saved messages.

Pictures can also be sent from the app.

Add friends.

The friend you added must add you too in order to exchange messages.

Apk download link:

AIA file

Contact me.


Hi @bogelin347 welcome to Kodular Community.
You should provide necessary details for your app.
As you are a new user so I think you should read this:

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He posted for the first time.


Sorry for my big mistake.
@bogelin347 please add more details.Your app seems interesting.


Very nice app…But my suggestion is that you should improve the UI of your app.

Thank you for the feedback, do you have some idea in mind please ?


There are lot of things in the interface work. If you want me to improve the UI then I can do it.

Will it cost? Because I"m a high school student and I did it to have fun, that why it as more functions than a good UI design.

Please send me a PM.

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