After build APK not installed, problem while parsing the package

Hello, build successful but APK file got error ( parsing Problem ). I tried several times. Same issue . Please help to solve this
Thank you

  1. Your android version?
    If your version is 12 then Did you try the same in older version?
  2. Your app package name?
  3. What are the extensions used?
  4. Is it throwing any error? If so screenshot pls

This problem is on only Android 12. How to fix it or get rid of this issue?

List the extensions you used and make sure, you use the latest versions


i face same issue my mobile version android 12

my app is not working in android 12 only and old version is perfectly working how to solve this issue please anyone help me my update is ready for publish to playstore

Please do it

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I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5B.2
Screenshot_20221011-100111_Package installer
) Bug Tracker
before creating a new topic

After the latest update of kodular i have faced this issue while installing the apk on my mobile. I have red all the topics regarding this on kodular but it’s not working. Please tell me how to fix this .


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Till the kodular is not providing any solution.You can use my tool to solve this issue -


Most probably one of the extensions you are using is not SDK 31 compatible…

Please list the extensions used and make sure to always use the latest version


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Screenshot (597)

Kodular is not working since few days i am not able to update my app on play store because unable to install apk on my device. I had raised this issue to get some solution, thanks who provided me the solution but unfortunately it didn’t work. I have checked all extension to find fault but no mistake on my part I have uploaded old AIA (3 weeks old) but it shows project could not be uploaded please try again later. , Kodular should bring error free updates. all my hard work wasted

You forgot to provide a list of these extensions…
Also you might want to provide more information about your project, for example number of screens, assets, blocks, etc…

@iamwsumit Onesignal fix is outdated. Pls try with his new PAID OneSignalFix extension

Me too facing the same problem
List of extensions that im using in my project

  1. LeoProfileView

  2. TaifunFile

  3. TaifunPlayer

  4. androidid

  5. JSONTools

  6. DevYBImageLoader

  7. [image] KevinkunPdfViewer

  8. In-app pdf viewer with pdf.js.

  9. PkgUtils

  10. ImageScale

  11. OneSignalFix

12 . DynamicComponents

  1. Tittle_ScrollView

  2. DeepHost - Tittle ScrollView Extension ( Only for Kodular )

  3. TaifunTools

  4. ScrollHandler

  5. PDF_Embed_Viewer

  6. ViewPdf

  7. Custom_Download

  8. Extension Version:

21 ColorPicker

22 Youtube_Embed_Player

23 Image_DropView

  1. ViewToolTip

what are the extensions in my project that should be removed or upgraded

always use the latest version of each extension and

see also