.aia file import from another side

How can I import an .aia file created by thunkable.com ? please make a video about it.

You can upload by removing ads components and the components that are not in kodular, but i don’t recommend this, just give it a try.


Ok I will apply your opinion later. thank you very much.

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It does not work even on just a block of variables. I had to rebuild an app here from Thunkable and I had 100 variables. I had to create it again from scratch as even a variable only import did not work.

Best bet is to put them side by side and rebuild. It does not take that long, and frankly it is a good exercise as you can engineer it for efficiency.


why i cant upload aia file from mit app inventor to kodular ? please someone help me

it be like thissssss… TOT

The answer is in this thread. Just read it.

Does your aia contain lot of assets


Yes , it has sound and png . About 12mb.

Di you delete all components like web viewer notification and all others like buttons and so on because kodular have different commponents as all other builde, If you dont delete them, it woll not work.

It can be easily done just upload it

Try to upload your aia without assets.