Airtable data uploading eror

I m trying to upload data from my admin app but when i try to upload smallest data (of less than one line) containg title and news with one image it gets uploaded
But when i try to upload some kind of bigger data like news containing more than 2 lines etc it is no uploaded… Suggeste me a solution

Edit column type to multi line

Already done

And you have to fill all column of all rows

Search on the community… The airtable uploading error is discussed before…

Bro plz send me the link of that discussion… Becz i searched but i did not find anything regarding this.

What do u mean by all rows and all columns plz elaborate

I mean if you have 2 row which name is title and subtitle so you have to fill value equal in both I mean if you add 3 title then you have to add 3 subtitle sorry English

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