Airtable get row is not working 😕

Hi everyone! :wave:

The getRow block is not responding in my case, even though the index prints…
The gotRow event does not print anything, not even the responseCode

What might be wrong?
Any quick support will be appreciated :slight_smile: (It’s somewhat urgent, I need to submit my project in <15 mins :pensive: )


You haven’t assigned anything on got row block…
First try it on simple button click to check if it is working or not…

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Hi, @OfficialDjJohn! :wave:

Thanks for your reply, I’ll post update in a few minutes :slight_smile:

Hi, @OfficialDjJohn! :wave:

Now, the row comes, what might be wrong in the blocks (from 1st post)?

These work -

Also, How should I get Name, Membership No., ID from this row? -

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Don’t use such thing here…
This is freelancer community…
Use get cell method instead of row method…<row method have some problems before, I can’t confirm for now>

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Sorry, will keep this in mind :slight_smile:

So, I want to get multiple cells, how should I do it? -

Is there any other way to get multiple cells from 1 database component?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

try this, to get multiple cells with one component





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