How to use Get All Row (Airtable)

I have a list, in which every question, its answer and other options are in same row.
I want to load whole row at once so that I can use every single cell from that row and also randomize questions afterwards. I am doing this to use less component in my app.
List =

this is what I have done =
Result = The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments

Result = nothing happens

Please tell me what I am dong wrong or tell me any other way to do it.

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Load data on a label and see what happens.

Yeah , that’s what I was doing but getting error from first method and nothing happens on second method.

The Response Content is a JSON Text not a list

You are calling the same get row block multiple times in a fraction of time which will not work.
Where have you used the block to get cell.

I am posting a block image to help you decode that json text from get all rows so you can use it.
Learn from the block image and Airtable_Rows.aia (15.8 KB)

After that the Questions Data List will look somethink like this-
I hope you can now easily use the data in above format.
If you need help then feel free to ask.


thank you so much for your explanation with blocks :slightly_smiling_face:, but I was using a wrong block :sweat_smile:
I was requesting Get Row but using Got Cell to see the results
Sry for this :pensive:

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It happens
If you got your answer then dont forget to mark it as solution

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