Airtable Spreadsheet Not Support After Update

Hello All,
I Have 3 Apps Which I Created Using Kodular. I Add Below Blocks in SCREEN 1.
All Apps Was Worked Fine Until Recent Update. After Kodular Update, When SCREEN 1 Open, Neither it Open HOME nor Open Register. This Issue comes in all apps.

Please Suggest me.

First of all why have you put 1000000 in max record,
On the free plant you only get 1200 records even 50000 is max in premium.
This may be the cause of problem.


I Know It but it works before New Update. My All App’s Max Records Are Same and Work Perfectly.

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Please do not tag people just to get attention…

There might problem with your Air table database, there might be some value missing. Make sure no values are missing.

Remove the = true block and try again. It is not needed.

Yes + you used it in number value, which doesn’t return boolean use logical compare instead

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