Alarm App design

I want to design android alarm app, which ring alarm of specific code when specific sms code comes from specific number. Please guide me.
I have two codes 1. Power failure 2. Battery low and two alarm tones 1. for Power failure 2. for battery low.

For that your app should be running in background task which is not possible on kodular yet.

How do design it then? Is there in alternate solution?

Then what is the solution for it


Waiting for this to support in AI2 or by coding in Android Studio

Not with Kodular, AI2, … you have to use Android Studio to work with background tasks / services.

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Try by the clock :pray: I think running.

Clock will only run when app is on background thread

You can cheack this extention

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Can you help me for blocks?

as it already has been said, it is not possible to create an alarm app like this with Kodular

not all answers you get are correct… :wink:
you have to choose wisely or try yourself to find out, that it is not possible…


I found demo alarm app aia on -Alarm App Aia kodular | Appybuilder | Thunkable |