Anywone know a good tutorial for make a alarm app?

HI I need make a alarm for my app but in internet i just find horrible apps that dont work or are very limited. I should do the code myself but I’m new here I don’t even know where to start maybe a good tutorial helps me.

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What do you want in your alarm app? I ask basic features like?

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I wanted an app that the user puts in an hour (for example 12:50) and when that time comes a notification with a text (I am making an app to help people with depression for my final course work this was for make a medication reminder) (sorry for my bad English)

Yes im working All this time in this app…

You can use taifun alarm extension for that


Why is he acting as if he owns kodular or something

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Yes, he is acting like that

You can try this - How to make your own alarm app. - YouTube
It’s on AI2 but it will work fine on Kodular as the latter is a distribution of AI2 and works mostly the same way but with additional features.

You can also add more features like push notifications which are available on Kodular but not on AI2.

I learnt a lot from this … thanks

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