All In One App - [ Paid aia ]

App Name: All In One App

Platform: Kodular


  1. Make the app of all in one shopping, all in one recharge and all in one any app
  2. Dynamic Category add or remove the category
  3. Feature Best Offers
  4. Search Option
  5. Add and Remove any website from the category
  6. Connected to airtable
  7. Splash Screen
  8. Shows number of sites in the category
  9. Sidebar with Home, Share this app, Rate us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us and Exit Button
  10. Best UI
  11. Test ads

Download Apk

Note: After payment is done, the download aia file page is visible then download Zip file from this page and Extract it. The Zip File has aia file, Apk and a txt file with airtable link and app setup instructions.

aia file price: 100rs for india and 2 dollar for other countries

if you want to buy aia file which is available on

developed by nanday and aiacart

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