Whatsapp Video Status app or app like Tik Tok - Paid aia

App Name: Whatsapp Video Status App or app like Tik Tok

Platform: Kodular


  1. Splash Screen with loading
  2. Login With Google
  3. Grid View List of Video
  4. Download video, Share Video and Mute sound of video
  5. Upload video with title and description
  6. Profile
  7. Share This App
  8. Rate Us
  9. Chat Support In App
  10. Terms and Condition
  11. Privacy Policy
  12. Logout and Exit
  13. Connected to airtable
  14. Best UI

Download Apk

Note: After payment is done, the download aia file page is visible then download Zip file from this page and Extract it. The Zip File has aia file, Apk and a txt file with airtable link and app setup instructions.

If you want to buy aia file then it available on www.aiafileforthunkable.com

Develop by aiacart and nanday

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that name tho

lmaoooo what is this name lol

Dont buy any file from this website this is doong scam after payment redirect link will show invalid link and also contact us form is fake

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@Innocentamit thank you for the information

Chat system is not working