Shayri app with admin panel - paid aia

App Name: Shayri App

Platform: Kodular

Admin Panel


  1. Best Icon and splash screen
  2. Sidebar with Status, Categories, favourite, Setting, Contact Us, Rate Us, More Apps, Privacy Policy and exit button.
  3. Available in two languages Hindi and English
  4. Chose app theme colour in the setting
  5. Six categories
  6. admin panel
  7. connected to airtable
  8. Shayri copy, share and send to WhatsApp feature
  9. Show how many like.dislike and favourite
  10. Shayri Like, Dislike and Add to favourite buttons
  11. Show favourite shayries with clear all favourite shayri button
  12. Best Ui
  13. Test Ads

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aia file available on :

Developed by aiacart and Amit Narwal

Thank You Kodular…


But shayri which is in hindi cannot be uploaded via airtable…u can show data which is in hindi in airtable databse

It can by encode & decode

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nice app…