All things with AdMob ads work better in kodular companion but not on Play Store

Hello greatest Kodular Eagle, I am very happy with this Platform since I have been making apps with it and I can say that with this Platform I have been making my living out of it, and some months my Google account was disabled and not showing ads until I got an envelop from Google AdSense and Approved my Account as you can see here

The Letter

Account now is Approved

My proble is that one of my app is not showing ads after installed from Play Store.

The App is Clouds FM Radio, it has almost 2, 000 Users see the number of users here on one signal

Also see the number of users on Play Store here

But the surprise is that when I try to test the App with the kodular Companion it works fine as you can see here

But When I have published the app on Play Store and get it installed on my phone directly from Play Store it then turns to this

I have searched on google why this happens most of answers say that the content not good but that is not true for my App because this Cloud FM App is the copy AIA of my project of Wapo Radio and Wapo Radio works fine as you can see the earnings here

But see this Clouds FM Radio how it was making last months and yesterday I was just testing it with Kodular Compaion but today it is nothing

Please I need your best of knowledge to solve the problem.

If you are interested to create an App like this, here are the All the blocks

Also you can Download the App from the Play Store and test it and if you have time give a review to help me make the app professional.

You are spamming the admob, this pops up every millisecond


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But @Boban what is your point in helping or solving this issue?

First, I neither like nor use ads but if I remember correctly banner ads doesn’t need to be reloaded again and again as it has its own frequent for reloading

Since you Initialize load Ad then you use three timers to load Ad, this will spam Ad server

add text so we can distinguish which is which


May be that’s the issue. If Google detects that you are basically copying the same app and republishing it, I don’t think that is something they will be happy about.

How sure are you? is it a crime to copy a project which is my own with the same Key-store?

I don’t think it’s a crime but they won’t want to push ads to nearly identical apps created by the same person.

@deanart2012 Ok, let me agree.

So do you think the only alternative way is to create another project from scratch?

Who said “crime”? Calm down a little bit! :flushed:

I think you will need to create one thatis substantially different.

It can have the same core code ie streaming the radio. But I think you should have a completely different UI and possibly add some tures.