Amazing Seem less Scroll Effect || Made in Kodular by devcafe official

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Amazing Seem less Scroll Effect


This app is having scrolling effect. There’s no extension made until today(at the time of writing this post) to achieve like this effect. So I’ve used some of free extensions(credits below) to make it working.
This is very simple but very impressive scroll effect to make your app looks more better and professional. You can implement this kinda effect in your like blog, educational or news app.



Detailed Tutorial on YouTube:

[FULL GUIDE] Amazing Seem less Scroll Effect || Made in Kodular || devcafe official - YouTube

AIA file:

ScrollEffect.aia (160.7 KB)


:kodular: Thanks to Kodular
& all the extension creators


Nice work!
I think its already made by @nikzdevz

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Oh, I haven’t seen that, share the extension link if you find one

thx for sharing the link
my effect is slightly different from his effects.
and its free


Amazing work @devcafeofficial :grinning: :partying_face:

@Akshat_Rana Thx :blush:

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Nice Guide @devcafeofficial
I am planning to use this concept in my next app :grin:

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@Aditya_Nanda You’re free to use

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You always rocking @devcafeofficial

Nice and beautiful parallax effect…


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I used an extension to build something like that but the app was not nice like this I will real try you guide.

Congrats for a best free guide. :muscle: :pray: :star:
@devcafeofficial you are the Best on this

Thanks, I’m glad you like it. :+1:
AIA file is also attached in description. You can download and play around with.

Yes I will try :star:

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Yeah, but that’s possible from that extension with minimal blocks…

That’s great thing. :innocent:

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