Title Bar Scroll And Hide When Scroll

Hello everyone i want some help of scroll title bar in my app like play store, Whatsapp, etc.

I Am Already Create A Project Like This But It Is Not Like play store, Whatsapp, etc.

My Creation

But I Want

My Blocks Images

After use these blocks we can easily define that the scroll is going up or down.

So Please Try Yourself And Help Us.

TitleScroll.aia (107.3 KB)

Thank You

It possible with.

thanks but I want to know can it is possible with kodular without any paid extensions.

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I believe this guide will be better for you to create such design in your app

I do not need a parallax effect please read the topic carefully and then answer.

like this

Oh Nice… Previous post suggested paid version. So i shared free version, anyway what you are expecting is possible with deephost extension (Tittle_ScrollView)

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yes like this can you share aia file

hello, can you help us??

I used the extension of deephost, the name of the extension is title_Scrollview

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@AppHelper_Studio I guess you can use phase extension.

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try with aia and send us

Hello I tried it but it wasn’t that smooth and looked unprofessional.

This is what I tried:

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provide aia

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I just added a simple animate component block nothing else that block is there in above image.

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@AppHelper_Studio I have seen that you have selected my answer as solution so that did the work? I tested it but it wasn’t that smooth can you please share your aia if you have made some modifications to make it smooth?

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Hello @Still-learning I have tried deephost extension that you suggested but it is crashing instantly on android 12. IDK Why? Where to report bugs to that extension I don’t see any repo? I just got aix from his app.

Here in the community we suggest not to use DeepHost’s extension.Questions about his extensions are not allowed in the community, you could always contact the developer if needed.