Android 14 problem

Hi All,
some of client using Android 14 recently. And they report that they can’t :

  1. ftp is not working (working with ftpClient - paid )
  2. Image Picker, it’s not showing gallery or photos

Any other has this happen too ?

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Do your clients use an app, which was written by you? Let me suggest you to test your app on Android 14, there are also emulators, and adjust your app accordingly…

Which ftp extension are you using? Ftp generally is working fine, but most probably your clients like to access files, the app does not own? Read Some basics on Android storage system

MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is only a solution if you do not use Google Play to distribute your app…


Hi Taifun,

Yes this app written by my self.

  1. as I said that i use another FTP component ( ftpClient ) and solved. Using android 14 and earlier, working fine.

Android 13 and below. smoothly run

Android 14. Screen still using FTP Standard that I’m not done to change ftpClient.

It’s running well after I change into ftpClient on any android version.

Here’s the block from standard FTP

without any much modification, i change into ftpClient component. and it’s working fine.

  1. Image Picker.
    Android 13 and below. Smoothly.
    Sr_imagePicker_android13_below.mp4 - Google Drive

Android 14. Nothing happen when clicked on Image Picker button. It’s not solve yet.

I’ve already added this block , but it’s still not working.

Thank you in any advice.

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among others they forgot to fix the image picker bug in the latest bugfix release, see also Kodular Bug fixes - #5 by Diego

for the image picker bug workaround see here


I have a problem on Android 13 can not upload images while below that normalapak can be helped

Buy an FTP client extension.