AndroID Extension (UPDATED)

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I cant download this extension from this page
it is redirecting to other page and showing error

If you have this extension file please share it with me
Thank You

Here’s the extension AIX:
com.vaibhavthedeveloper.AndroID.aix (8.6 KB)

I didn’t find any topic in any other community.
Found here:


how to get dual sim number

how to use the extension to get imei, please show blocks

the block Get IMEI returns the IMEI
cant you see the image blocks?

using IMEI is a bad choice. Because it will not work in latest android versions


yes, that’s my problem it does not work in latest android version
so what am i to do to solve the error get device ID or is there another security i can use that will work with all android devices?

use device ID, it work in all android versions


Amit can you explain that how we can get device id for all android version

I think With Device Utility component


This is not work on android version 10 or more

i am getting this error
i have android version 10
Kodular Creator 12-13-2021 10-10-33 AM