Any Solution for this black screen issue in 2019?

I believe this is Mika…:sweat_smile:

Any solution for this issue in 2019, other than reducing the number of components ?

There is a partial solution that I use.
I will try to explain it…

Since everything is running on 1 thread:
In Screen.Initialize delay anything that will cause the screen to take longer to load.
I set everything that creates a CPU or GPU load to a timer with 500ms to 750ms delay.
That way the screen has time to load before doing additional stuff.

It won’t remove the Black Screen but it may shorten the time it is displayed to the user, making it less noticeable.

Hope that helps!

Kodular apps don’t actually have a black screen when they’re opened - they have a white screen :grinning:


Now the time interval is set to 2000… so i have to change it to 2500 - 2750… right ?

It is when you switch screens… from the splash sceen to a different screen… and this issue only appears in devices with poor specs… like 1 to 2 gb RAM…

Conor is right.
You asked for black screen.

Our apps have no black screen at start.
If you want any other thing at start then use the splash property at screen 1

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read my comment above
& have a look at this video: Black Screen.mp4 (237.1 KB)

That should be plenty of time. Not sure what to recommend.

The issue Mika was talking about isn’t the same thing you are seeing.

See the above video… My app has about 60 levels. The button (not really a button component) you could see in the video is made up of 1 card view + 1 horizontal arrangement + 3 labels (the icons are material+ fontawesome fonts)+ 2 spaces.
This issue is really because of the number of components na ?
Reducing the number of components will take a lot of time. coz i have to modify all blocks associated with it.

I thought he mentioned about the number of components.

It was for Black Screen at Launch

It could be the same issue na ? If his app has no splash screen and all components are within the screen1 itself ?

I find it funny because my application is all black :joy::broken_heart:, that white screen is the only defect :confused: