Anyone on here that has an eCommerce app with firebase

Hi guys

Anyone on here that has an eCommerce app with firebase and its published on google app store?

I need some help with getting firebase products to google app store.

Please explain in more detail what you need help with.

Can you elaborate your Problem so that e can try to help you…

Morning guys,

ouky so i have a e Commerce app and i am using firbase as a database now i have almost 4000 products that i have to list, i am st 200 st the moment. V2 of my app i would like to work with collin list tree and card view and would like to add in app billing for online purchases, for what i have read is that each item needs a product ID from google to be able to be purchased by google pay. now i want to know if it is possible to get the data directly from firebase into google play app store to be able to be purchased.

i hope it makes sense i just don’t want to go and list each one again with google.

try to use airtbale as your database, it has a lot of thing it can do than firebase value, plus use the right extension for the ecommerce app u want, like paid gridcards e.t.c. Using AIP as ur payment method, creating a lot of id’s is a bot hassle, try to use Paypal extension or secured payment API that recognized per items to purchased.

Hi Consoleheretohelp

i have tried using airtable but can get it to work that is why i have moved to firebase. can you maybe help me with an aia i have tel me where i went wrong, you don’t have to build the app for me just some guidance will be great. we can pm 2 if you like

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Try using MySql database.
It is secure( My preference ) , fast and easy to use.

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I can use it in kodular didnt know that

You can use it using web component.
You can find a tutorial on @Taifun website.

Thank you i will have a look

can you share me the link bro

Which link?

taifun official website

Here is the link: