Firebase display

(LeeMartin Day) #1

Hi guys how can i get my app to display text from firebase like it is on firebase

Instead of all three on one line

This is how i list my products

Screen one get tag list

(Deepanshu Arya) #2

Please don’t duplicate topic, your this topic is related to your previous topic

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(LeeMartin Day) #3

ouky i am sorry thought you have to make a new topic for each request for help

(Deepanshu Arya) #4

You may just mention that you also need help about that but if you really have a problem which is unique you may create a new topic

(LeeMartin Day) #5

Ouky thank you i will do that next time

(LeeMartin Day) #6

Hi Guys…

Is the really no one on this community that can assist me with the issue i have?

thank you


You show how you store the value not how you get it back. You have to show the right values. And asking a question doesn’t always mean you get an instant answer. It is still voluntary work here.

Using ALL CAPITALS is like shouting and shouting is not allowed on the forum.

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(LeeMartin Day) #8

Hi Peter

sorry didn’t meant for the caps my button got stuck, and i understand i have edited the post its fine now?

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Still caps but i understand that it was a mistake.

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(LeeMartin Day) #10

i was referring to the the get data from firebase i will edit the caps just now

(SunnyTheDeveloper) #11

First of all you are storing list inside a list.Remove that and use ’ join ’ block.

Now after getting tag list use ’ for each item in list ’ block and get value of all tags.
Tag List is already a list and also you have stored data in list so why you have used ‘list from csv row text’ block.
After got value add items to list or use where you want using ’ select list item ’ and set list to ’ get value ’ since it is a list.
If you still have any question then ask here.

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(LeeMartin Day) #12

Hi vknow,

ouky so this is what i have done…

did i do it right?

after changes i still don’t get 2 individual products instead i am getting (bak Bakkie) These are 2 products with a list attached

(SunnyTheDeveloper) #13

Use it like this:

Name and Name2 are list.

(LeeMartin Day) #14

i got this i got value i store selected products to tiny db and recall in product description

do i still use your method?

(SunnyTheDeveloper) #15

If you got your solution then it is alright.

Exploring more methods for one work will increase your knowledge.

(LeeMartin Day) #16

ouky but do you think i have to let go of tiny db and use firebase instead?

(SunnyTheDeveloper) #17

Do you mean you should use firebase instead of tiny db?
If yes then every component has its own importance.
We can only decide which is useful and which is not useful or less useful.
But every one’s choice varies.
If you think tiny db is not useful then there is someone who thinks tiny db is useful.
So no one can say clearly.

My preferences :
You can save same data using Tiny DB and Firebase Database.
The difference is that you can access Tiny DB data while offline but to get data from Firebase you need Internet Connection.

(LeeMartin Day) #18

that is true yes, can i combine your method with tiny db? if i use your get tag list and my got value i get an error message.

(SunnyTheDeveloper) #19

Yes, you will get.
Because my method works on a different concept.
So if you want to use combined method then do this:

My method + Your method = A new method :joy:

(LeeMartin Day) #20

hahaha i have done so and getting an error with the new method :rofl: