Can someone help me please? Listview to Firebase

Hello, guys I need help, I need to save some data offline and after connecting, upload this data to firebase realtime, it will be an application where several users will create this data, I have already managed to save this data in TinyDB and show it in a ListView, what I I’m not able to upload this ListView list to Firebase, when I try to upload the data, only one list goes into Firebase, maybe I have to use for each? But how will I use it? I already tried you.

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Have you tried anything ? Please post your blocks if possible :slight_smile:

I need to throw all items from the dados_off list into Firebase, at the moment it is only sending the first item in the list

Can you share the format of your firebase where you want to store these data ?

Here is your solution :

Add a loop (available in control blocks).

CounterNumber variable is used for tags.

Firebase Screenshot

It’s working fine for me :slight_smile:

My data structure would be like this, with the first two tags dynamic and the others fixed

This loop solution didn’t worked ?

I’m not able to play the data with the tags, could you give me a simple example? Thanks

Upload the List as It is. like Set the Tag as date & Time and Value as the list “global Dados”

The data is stored in global data and in TinyDB, if I minimize the application it seems to delete the data from global data, but when I send the data through firebase without minimizing the application, it sends the data like this: missing information the first list appears missing date, the second list only shows the date. I think the data is conflicting. How to solve? I can’t change the name of the tags, I have to use the same ones. I would appreciate it if anyone can help me!

See The Data Should not Vanish when you minimise the Application may be it is happening because the app is closing.

Possibly, your data is vanishing because maybe you are Storing them in a Single variable, or maybe something is interfering with the data.

To understand more we need to check ur aia. Either send it here or if you cannot send it in PM.

Teste.aia (68.5 KB)
Hello, I simplified the application but the theory would be this, save the list in TinyDB and then, when you have internet, send it to Firebase