Reading data From firebase

Hi all,
I’m using this code to store data in firebase db


it results like this in the db


But I’m facing some difficulty to retrieve that data and put it in lables?

how can I do that?

I want to view them in this layout


try something like this:

…to get the data:
The “?” would be one of 111, 222 or 333 in your case.

…if you got the data:

And a tipp:
It’s even possible to store lists in Firebase. Than you would need only one tag for the three items.

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Thankful for your help.

About the lists, I prefer to use the above way to read data because I will inject data to database from JASON file , and I think it much easeier when try to update values in the database.

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Now I injected new data to my db from json file converted from csv


But the code Resulting No Data

The blocks is like this


I found something ,
when i’m using special codes like ( 3FRTG+TV) for the tags there is no Data but if I use just letters like aaa, bbb … for the tags it works , what do you think the problem is??

I found the problem

Tags Should not have special characters, i Just Delete the + its Worked
But I’m Facing another problem
For each tag I got the app reads only the first word in the value, any thing after the space is not showed

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