API 33 Google play requirement after 31 August

Hi everyone,

I think we all had to wait some days or weeks before Kodular Teams make the update, after MIT.

Update my app API to Android 13 - #2 by ewpatton - General Discussion - MIT App Inventor Community <— From MIT : “We are planning to do a release around Aug 26 with the SDK 33 related changes.”

But it would be great if we can read from Kodular Staff that they are already on the work!


It is an urgent need for the Kodular team to communicate to us when API 33 will be available for Kodular apps.

Let’s not forget that premium users pay for their services, which should be up-to-date.

@Diego , do you know anything about this?


I need help for this please help me.

its biggest problem with kodular now…

Same problem here.

I got the same message on google for my 6 apps

This is good guide, but my point is kodular need to upgrade. they are taking money from us but not provide the basic and required feature which provided by the platform who is free. This is my point what you think.



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It is what we have and we have to fix it however we can, I think there are no longer people working behind Kodular.

the proposed guide works without problems, I updated my app yesterday with sdk33

Even diego is not active on commiunity

if the people is no longer working behind then why we are paying Theam. and how we proceed now for an update.

we don’t have any other alternative as good as kodular as of now. and is kodular dead now? because there is server issues also
Build failed! Error writing to server - Feedback - Kodular Community

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We should wait until App Inventor + Kodular Planned Collaboration

I’m about to start with Appzard

yes but I have doubt about appzard have lots of error and their community is also not strong as kodular. and who knows the developer of appzard is working. at the end this is free. the developer don’t have motivation to update.

very true review

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App inventor is getting update related to API 33 near around 26 August, if app inventor gets it then Kodular will also get it.


We hope it is done by kodular.

Hello folks behind Kodular management
Please, is there a definition if we will have a simple solution to the SDK33 problem by the end of the month of August or will we have to use the difficult process described above?