API 33 Google play requirement after 31 August

We hope it is done by kodular.

Hello folks behind Kodular management
Please, is there a definition if we will have a simple solution to the SDK33 problem by the end of the month of August or will we have to use the difficult process described above?

Hi !
The answers are above:

1- one step by step


2- wait for the MIT/KODULAR team to update



Change API level to 33 - Guides - Kodular Community

Stop creating topics about the same thing, use the search engine, this is being talked about in several publications.

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App Inventor is a open source platform and all the updates available in AI2 will also be available in all its distributions including Kodular.

Here is a temporary solution to extend the deadline till November.

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Why you guys still use this Kodular ? move to Niotron, they are about to release API 33 within days now. I strongly advise to move to Niotron.


“No need for Zipsigner. apktoaab merges with keystore.”

I did as shown here. I sent the update.

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If somebody want easy solution refer to this

Is anything new known or are they still working on it?

MIT AI releases his update (read MIT App Inventor Release nb194 - News/Announcements - MIT App Inventor Community) with sdk 33 support.

Hope Kodular would do the same soon.

But no news from Kodular staff directly.

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I have no hope that kodular will release an update, especially when I see that @diego is working on app inventor. I hope I’m wrong.

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Same here i think kodular are dead in sometime.

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Hi, any impeovements for APK level 33 ? or did you find any easier solution?

I don’t think Kodular is working on any updates or they will provide any future updates.

Better i suggest you to migrate to other builders.

Kodular staff is reacting to only payment related posts.

We are using Kodular with premium for their outdated service for no reason.

Edit: As per Pavi, they are working on it.


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You are spreading rumors…