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Need Extension developer i have python api

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I saw already this post I have a recharge app It has been hacked three times, so I’m asking you to make an extension i m using web compnent

And you think that the extension can protect your API from hacking​:joy:.

Extension can’t protect your API, you will have to make your API as much as strong you can. It is the only way that you can use for making it difficult to hack.

my API is very strong But hacker get the endpoint out of the app, so I’m making an extension

Then why it got hacked three times??

May you tell me how a extension can protect it?

Then tell me how to secure API?

Google … There are many security experts.:+1:


today I used Google to understand annotation, build.xml, import …

I’m calling API from Google Spreadsheet, but how do hacker extract?


@Rogerio_Rios are you starting making extension :sweat_smile:

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Can run the kodular app on a stratic IP?

I mean, when call an API from the web component, can set a static IP?

I don’t know much about APIs. So I can’t help you much or also as you have already mentioned that it is python script. May be I will able to help you in a php script. You should google it as @Rogerio_Rios said. You will definitely get something from there​:grinning:

I’ve been researching for a long time and I haven’t found anything so I put it in the community today

No matter how much I score Api, anyone can hack when Api end point is found.

Can you help me how to score in PHP?

What do you mean by an endpoint.
I didn’t get your endpoint.

It is completely wrong. Hacking chances are more when your API is less secure. It is totally wrong statement.

Hmm. I have one way to protect your app. Use php script to load API key and encrypt your API to AES algorithms and use 2-3 PHP script to load API in encrypt form. Use AES encryption is powerful and it can’t decrypt easily. Make your app like " your app not certain any API key because if user decompile your app than he/ she can see your API key. There are more ways to protect it. Now it depends on you make some more logic and improve the security.

How to add php script in kodular

PHP script always run in server…
In Kodular , we use web Component to POST pra Get.

JWT -Json Web Token

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